Sailing With Your Dog


If you bring your dog sailing with you in the Bahamas, I hope you don’t mind sand and salt water on your boat.

Farley plays in the waves off Stocking Island beach in the Bahamas. He loves it, but I always keep an eye our for sharks or sting rays. I don’t want Farley to meet up with either of them.

We discovered the hard way that if a dog is stung by a sting ray, the only treatment is to wash the wound with very hot water, as hot as the dog can stand it, and that should take the pain away. Farley hasn’t had this misadventure yet, but our friends’ springer spaniel has been stung twice.

6 thoughts on “Sailing With Your Dog

  1. I hadn’t thought about Sting Rays. As much as we miss having pets, I think I like the non-pet boat better. Someday when we’re land based again, a dog will be the first thing on our to-do list.


  2. When we were in Emerald Bay we met a dog that was all taped up. His owner told us that a sting ray slashed him in the Jumentos. It almost reached is heart. Luckily they got him back to George Town and Howard the vet fixed him up and all was well. Howard told them he had a dog that got slashed twice by sting rays. Always something to consider when splashing in the surf. Yikes!


    1. Poor dog, but they can survive. Howard is an excellent vet. Sometimes it’s the dog that attacks the sting ray, so I can’t blame the ray for the dog getting hurt (not that Farley has ever done this, but I’ve seen other dogs on the hunt). Sometimes the dog accidentally steps on a ray, then it’s neither’s fault. I don’t know of a case where a ray has gone after a dog for no reason, so it’s mostly about being aware they are in the area. Hope your trip is going well.


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