Step Away From Your Novel


How many times have you heard or read that when you finish your first draft, and I mean a serious draft, that you should put your novel in a drawer for a couple of weeks?

I never understood this until recently. I had three readers commenting on my updated version of The Final Gate.  While they were commenting, I decided to start work on my fourth novel, and leave The Final Gate alone.

Now that I am reviewing their comments and doing the final proofread, I finally get the importance of the advice.

I can see things I hadn’t seen before. Maybe it’s a passage of text that is too earnest, or maybe it’s narrative describing something I’ve already described. Without taking a break, I couldn’t see these things.

Even thought it’s hard to leave something alone that you are passionate about, I am now a believer in “Step Away From Your Novel.”

7 thoughts on “Step Away From Your Novel

  1. Good for you Kristina. It is amazing what we see when we take a step back. Not only with our writing, though that’s iminently important, but other aspects of our life as well.


  2. Distance really helps me to be objective about what I’ve written. Once the words have had a chance to cool, I’m much more able to edit them as if they’d been written by someone other than myself.
    That, and I have a lot of fun reading my stories once I’ve forgotten some of what I’ve written!


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