Do Dogs Need Role Models?


Joe, the 120 lb retriever, teaches Farley, the 15 lb wheaten terrier, some manners.

Farley arrived home at 8 weeks old, and Joe spent a few months teaching him how to behave like a dog.

Joe is a very tolerant and gentle dog, and even though he is huge, he made a great leader for Farley.

The best friends played, slept and ate together.

6 thoughts on “Do Dogs Need Role Models?

  1. I always remember bringing a puppy home to our older family dog and them doing exactly the same. You can tell the older dog is rolling his eyes at the young one when they are hanging off their ears, being the annoying younger brother! Great photo.


  2. Joe is adorable. And yes, I think there is definitely a need for those role models – or at least an alpha dog to put them in their place. Especially when the new pup turns out to BE an alpha dog. Tahoe could use Joe sitting on him right about now!


      1. Not from me. Our 16 year old cats live up high, though as they got older, they did get better at swatting at the dogs and now Montana and the cats get along just fine. Tahoe thinks they’re prey but they either hide from him or bait him from the edge of the couch and then swat his nose (which makes him cross!).


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