Driving Across Canada

Ottawa to Winnipeg: 2000 Km of writing time – except when it’s my turn to drive.

The views are spectacular, the roads winding (until you hit the prairies), and there are ample passing lanes.  But what do you do with your time, hour after hour, in the car?

I find my mind wanders and with time to think, I get inundated with ideas. I keep a notebook handy to capture my thoughts. If I’m driving, my husband has to write them down. If only I could get him to write neatly.

Living is such a big country and having family in several provinces, along with the crazy notion that driving is the right way to get there, gives me lots of hours to write. I’ve written entire scenes without noticing what town we passed through, or that maybe we should stop for lunch, or that we are arriving.

As this is posted I am somewhere between Wawa, Ontario and Winnipeg, Manitoba hopefully coming up with some great ideas for my fourth novel.

5 thoughts on “Driving Across Canada

  1. So you’re driving across Canada and I’m driving down the west coast. Did you see my post about it, Kristina? Friday’s will have pictures. I’m amazed how much writing you can do in the car. Awesome!


  2. We are driving east from Vancouver – any chance of meeting you in Calgary??? We are in Panorama now, but it sounds like you might be in Winnipeg. Safe driving – Elizabeth and Wayne


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