Alarms Needed: Writing Takes Over Life

I don’t know if this happens to others, but when I’m writing my entire brain focuses on what I’m doing, and it tunes out ‘real life.’

This can be a problem while writing and living on a sailboat.

It’s shocking, I know, but sometimes I have responsibilities on the sailboat. My husband, Matt, could be off windsurfing, playing volleyball, or spear fishing, and I’m on the boat writing.

I might need to turn off the water maker when the tanks are full, turn of the generator when the batteries are charged, or re-angle the solar panels when the sun moves – which it has a tendency to do during the day.

Matt learned that when I’m writing, there is a slight chance I could forget my duties. And yes, he learned from experience. His solution: he sets an alarm.

Now you’d thing that would be enough, but it’s not. He leaves me a note for what the alarm means.

I’ve learned to read the note as soon as the alarm goes off and attend to the task right away. If I sit back and start writing without doing what I was supposed to do, there’s a good chance I forget.

Sometimes the boat needs take precedence over writing, but I still love to write while I’m on my catamaran.

Thanks for reading . . .

8 thoughts on “Alarms Needed: Writing Takes Over Life

  1. When i`m writing I dont hear my husband at all and I attend to say yes to things I dont really know he said. I do recognize this quiet a bit. 😉


  2. I’m so glad you shared this! I have to write a lot of stuff down, things like birthdays, and errands, and paying bills, because if I don’t I will completely put them out of my mind to make room for more exciting things– like stories. 🙂
    When I sit down to write, I set a timer and when it goes off I have to force myself to stop, otherwise I’ll just keep right on going! If I didn’t, things like eating, going to bed, and checking in with family just won’t happen.
    This writing thing can sure draw you in!


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