Reading A Novel Aloud

Have you ever read your novel aloud?

Do you know how you sound?

I made a recording of a scene, thinking the process would help me proofread. Then I got side tracked, wondering if I could make a podcast. Many writers have web sites with podcasts and book trailers, so I thought I should build some new skills.

I’ve been trying out Garage Band on my Mac. The first thing I discovered was I read too fast. After practicing with the same scene for an hour, I was finally happy with the tempo, but not with the tone. Oh, and my throat was sore. How to professional readers talk for so long?

The next thing I discovered when I read a different scene aloud was I read too fast. I guess I have to learn to slow down when reading a scene for the first time.

Do you have an easy way to create an audio file? Garage Band has a lot of features I don’t need, and I’d like a quick way to do this.

Now if I ever get lucky enough, maybe I’ll read aloud to an audience and not just to my dog – although by the way he cants his head, I think he’s very interested in what I’m saying.

Thanks for reading . . .

2 thoughts on “Reading A Novel Aloud

  1. I read stuff out loud before sending it out for critique, and even blog posts sometimes. It really helps me catch mistakes. I haven’t thought about reading for a podcast though!
    (Maybe try a program called ‘Audacity’. I think it’s free and pretty straightforward, since its only function is to make digital recordings.)


    1. Hi Kirsten,
      I found reading for a podcast very different from reading aloud. Hearing the words read back to me, even thought it was my own voice – which didn’t sound like me, let me hear if the story flowed, if I had repeated words etc. Also, I had to read very carefully to make sure I didn’t skip or read words incorrectly. Definitely worth the time. I’lld check out Audacity. I’ve never here of it. Thanks.


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