Online book launch parties

Tess, Thanks for the lovely blog about Facebook Launch parties.

Stories from the Heart

Until a few days ago, I didn’t know much about online book launch parties.  I had no idea how such a thing could work, I mean, a party, isn’t that a gathering of people?  I was naive.

Why did I think people could only gather in person for such a party?  I was wrong, very very wrong.  I attended two such parties yesterday, and now I understand.

Whilst I had heard of them before, vaguely, I was prompted to learn more by Kristina Stanley, author of Descent, after reading a blog post by funny man Dan Alatorre, bestselling author of the Savvy Stories series.

I signed up to attend one for Debra Purdy Kong (recommended by Kristina), to celebrate to launch of Dead Man Floating.  Then I noticed that some of my author friends were attending a 12-hour marathon launch for Elena Matthews‘ novella Look…

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