Is writing lonely?

Not for me. #writetip Writing does require many hours working alone, but that does not mean it’s a lonely profession.

Let’s face it, social networking keeps a writer from being isolated. An awesome writing community is available at the touch of your keyboard. The trick is not to spend so much time networking that you don’t to write.

Then there is the research. Interviewing experts in any area is always enlightening. When you find an expert passionate about their subject, the excitement follows.

How about all the hours spent talking with friends, family, and other writers about your manuscript? That’s definitely not lonely.

It’s a wonder any of us find the time to get words on a page, and when we do, we get to spent time with our characters.

So who has time to be lonely?


4 thoughts on “Is writing lonely?

  1. Writing why on earth does anyone do it, this writing thing.
    Answer: to create a living world whose doors stand open for anyone who desires to enter.
    So, certainly not lonely.


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