Should a writer blog?

There are many reasons blogging will help you improve your writing. #writetip While driving through Quebec, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine the other day, I had plenty of time to muse, and what I thought about was blogging.

I try to blog 5 days a week and doing this forces me to focus on grammar and syntax. It lets me work in my prose, making it clear and precise.

Blogging connects me to other writers. There are so many generous authors out there that share their secrets on how to write.  It seems the more I share, the more I get back.

There is a view that blogging takes the author away from writing their novel and maybe even dampens the creative ideas. I don’t subscribe to this. Blogging keeps me motivated and connected.


6 thoughts on “Should a writer blog?

  1. It forces you to work on grammar and syntax? Yikes, you make me want to re-read my posts.

    I blog to keep in touch, and to try to help others. I’ve learned a lot, and I wish I could have read everything I’ve learned BEFORE I wrote 400,000 words that I need to now re-vamp.

    Blogging helps to stroke the inner teacher in me. If I can help a few people while working out my writing dilemmas, it’s all worth it.


      1. Good to know!

        Writing out what I’m learning helps to solidify it “in my brain”. I’m glad my rambling can help out others. Some of those mistakes seem so silly when you admit to them, but they are so easy yo make!


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