Animals as characters?

Chica - The Diving Dog

The great part about having an animal in your novel is you don’t have to worry that you will insult them. #writetip. I became interested in including a dog in my novels when I read a Dean Koontz novel. I think it was Tick Tock. A scary novel where the dog provided comic relief. I thought is was a good way to break tension in a scene when it was needed.

Dogs can provide an infinite source of distractions and difficulties for any of your characters. If you need a situation to be unpredictable, add a dog to the scene.

Chica – my yellow lab – has a place in my first novel Fracture Line. Chica is no longer with us, but she still provides me with story ideas.

Farley – my wheaten terrier, has a place in my third novel (yet to be named).


One thought on “Animals as characters?

  1. What a great picture of Chica!

    I don’t have any animals in my current WIP, except for the “beastie” and your little guys are much more cute and cuddly.

    In my second novel, Foreign Ambassador (which I will probably start re-editing after I finish this one) I had “Torre” who was a major comic relief character. He was a little fluffy thing. Think Tribble from Star Trek with spider legs and big nasty teeth. Great character fun.


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