Copyeditor or Proofreader

Have you ever been confused about responsibilities? #writetip I think I’ve figured out the difference between a copyeditor and a proofreader, but if I’m wrong, please let me know.

So here is my understanding.

Copyeditors should find typographical errors. This means checking grammar, diction and usage. They should point out structural problems or inconsistencies, awkward sentences or paragraphs (but not rewrite them), but are not responsible for decision-making.

Proofreaders should find errors in the final manuscript. They look for formatting errors. (extra spaces, missing spaces, incorrect tabs, etc.) and point out errors not caught in the copyediting phase. These are the people who look at every character on the page to make sure it’s correct.

I’d love to get feedback on this one.


2 thoughts on “Copyeditor or Proofreader

  1. When I worked as an intern for an advertising agency in New York, Copy Editors looked at every character, spacing, etc. However, I think I heard them say “I need to proof this”

    I think if you are going to hire one, your should clarify with each one individually. It may be up to the person. In some cases, they may be synonomous.


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