Converting from iWorks Pages to Microsoft Word

#writetip This is probably one of those things everyone knows except me. I recently switched from iWorks Pages to Microsoft Word. I’m a fan of both programs, but found most of the people I exchanged documents with use Word.

So for convenience, I changed over.

Already having completed the first draft of my novel, Burnt, I converted the document and at first glance everything appeared fine.

Until . . .

My proofreader sent the document to her kindle. The italics in the document didn’t transfer, but they appeared in the Word document on her computer copy.

What happened, you ask?

The italics showed on the Word copy, but when I clicked on italicized text, the little box at the top that shows a text is italicized wasn’t highlighted. The code to format the text didn’t copy from Pages to Word.

Hence the text didn’t appear italicized on the Kindle.

To fix this, I had to retype in any italicized text and hit the italics button. The next version appeared correct on the Kindle.

How does one know these things until they come up and bite you? And how do I know there aren’t other errors?


2 thoughts on “Converting from iWorks Pages to Microsoft Word

  1. I have a policy that I picked up from when I was using computers to record music: If it hasn’t been tested, it won’t work.
    It’s too bad the technology that has been designed to save time uses up so much of it!
    Thanks for the tip, though. I use Scrivener and Open Office, which will surely present its own set of debacles once I get as far as publishing.
    Good luck with entering all that text. 😦


  2. Thanks for the support 🙂
    I haven’t tried Scrivener yet. It’s been recommended to me a few times, but I’m too comfortable with what I’m using. Maybe after a finish my next novel, I’ll find the time.


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