Positive and Negative Feedback on Your Novel


How do you know if your reader is any good?

Does your reader only give you negative feedback? That might be okay, but it won’t tell you what you’re good at.

Does your reader only give you positive feedback? That might feel great, but it’s not going to help you improve your writing.

To me the best reader gives me both positive and negative feedback. The positive keeps me motivated and tells me what I can relax about. The negative tells me what I need to work on.

What type of feedback do you like to receive and how does it help you?

9 thoughts on “Positive and Negative Feedback on Your Novel

  1. Of course I like both, especially if they’re as enamoured with my novel as I am.

    The reality is, the negative feedback only stretches us as writers. The good reader gives us both.


  2. I prefer when negative feedback gives me something to figure out for myself. Tell me why you didn’t like something, not how to change it, so I can work out how to fix it in my own style. That said, sometimes suggestions can help clarify what the problem is. Feedback is the only way to know if I’ve successfully conveyed the idea in my head onto paper.


  3. When I receive critiques, I want to know both what works and what needs work, and so I give the kind of feedback that I would like to get. And what writer doesn’t like to hear that their words are having the kind of impact they intended?
    I also happen to think (and have received feedback to that effect) that my enthusiasm about a story carries the writer through some of the difficult edits that are needed to get the polished piece. I’m not afraid to point out where I feel something is missing, but, like you, I think it’s equally important to give my opinion on what is important to keep.
    Great topic, by the way. 🙂


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