Farley’s Friday: Gonna get that squirrel – Not

Farley here,

And Max too. Max is my neighbour, and on a good day, Kristina brings him along for a walk. Notice – no leashes – the bears must be hibernating. Or Kristina is getting braver – ha ha.

“Farley,” Max barks. “Come here. I’ve got a squirrel.”

“Where’d he go?” I bark.

Farley Max 1

Max points at the tree with his nose. “He was here a second ago.”

I scramble close. “I can smell him. He’s not far.”

Max whips around the tree, but the squirrel isn’t on the other side. “Up! Go up.”

“Jump higher.” I’m a short fluff ball. Max is sleek and athletic, so maybe he can reach the chattering rodent.

Farley Max 2

“What if we catch him?”

“I don’t know,” Max barks. “I’ve never caught one.”

Anyone know what to do with a squirrel if you catch one? I think we need instructions.

Woof Woof

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