Farley’s Friday: Dog and Bear

Farley here.

Deep sleep to wide awake. I smell it. I stand and walked stiff-legged to the window.

Farley’s Bear Impersonation

I take a deep sniff. There’s a bear behind my house.

I growl. Deep in my throat and that wakes my human.

“What’s wrong?” Kristina asks but doesn’t raise her head.

I bark.

She rolls over.

I bark again and jump on her. This gets her attention.

I run back to the window and bark some more. This gets the neighbor’s dogs going.

My humans turn on the flood light, and sure enough, there’s a bear in the back yard.

I run to the basement, hide in the closet, and bark as loud as I can.  My barks echo here, so I know I’m loud.

When I hear all is quiet, I slink  back upstairs and check.  The bear is gone.

Good thing I was here to talk care of things.
Woof Woof.

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